Citroen c3 2004

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RJ Oglinzi exterioare reglabile electric si incalzite; rabatabile manual RE Climatizare automata atras in std. Se anunta schimbari majore pentru segmentul hatchback-urilor de familie. Stilul expresiv si unic al modelului il fac usor de recunoscut in categoria sa. Combina aceste 9 culori subtile sau indraznete cu 3 nuante pentru plafon Onyx Black, Aden Red sau Opale White si alege combinatia potrivita pentru tine 36 de combinatii de culori disponibile.

Interiorul masinii este spatios si placut la atingere, cu componente stilizate, iar sentimentul armonios este de asemenea sustinut de un demers uniform pentru proiectarea cu stil a portierelor, a scaunelor si a bordului. Aceleasi tesaturi placute si deschise la culoare ale tapiteriei continua senzatia de calitate premium intr-o nota originala. Stilul interior este inspirat dintr-un univers diferit de cel al masinilor conventionale si include curele din piele pe portiere sau materiale textile pe plansa de bord.

C3 dispune de motoare eficiente si economice PureTech pe benzina si BlueHDi diesel, de ultima generatie. Plafonul vitrat este unul dintre atuurile majore de stil ale C3. Odata aleasa aceasta optiune, suprafata vitrata se imbina placut cu montantii de tip A, negri, fiind inadrata de arcele cromatice ale plafonului, care stimuleaza vitalitatea stilului.

Proportiile optimizate dintre metal si sticla subliniaza aspectul protector si echilibrat al C3, rezultand o atitudine increzatoare si senina cu suprafete fluide, non-agresive. Suprafetele plastice contin perne de aer si au un rol de amortizor, materialul folosit fiind poliuretan termoplastic, rezistent la surse externe daunatoare precum soarele, apa, uzura si zgarieturile. Suprafata Airbump este formata din 6 capsule umplute cu aer si localizate in partea de jos a portierei, care este expusa in mod deosebit in oras.

In stilul elegant caracteristic marcii, pernele de aer sunt evidentiate de un chenar alb sau rosu, in functie de culoarea plafonului. Cele doua niveluri de blocuri optice diferentiate amplifica stilul C3 si evidentiaza capota inalta a modelului.

Logo-ul cu Chevroane si barele lor duble finisate cu crom se extind pana la blocurile optice cu LED-uri, in timp ce farurile de pe nivelul inferior au un design rotunjit. Mai jos, bara de protectie accentueaza impresia de inaltime a extremitatii din fata pentru a da masinii un stil aventuros, iar insertiile cromatice inconjoara farurile de ceata, adaugand o tenta de prospetime. Spatiile de depozitare din C3 au fost concepute pentru a fi cat se poate de practice.

Compartimentul central cu design inteligent elibereaza spatiul din fata, accentuat in continuare cu cel mai mare tropedou din acest segment, avand 6. Portierele din fata au, de asemenea, compartimente cu capacitate de depozitare.Sajt Polovniautomobili. Prihvatam Kasnije Ne prihvatam. Uloguj se Prijavi se putem Facebook-a.

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citroen c3 2004

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citroen c3 2004

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citroen c3 2004

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Citroen 2004 C3 Pluriel Manuals

Notify about the error in selected text Add your data and comments Send us the correct data Other.Nothing of note has gone wrong with this car, but that should be expected with the low mileage it's covered. To say the interior trim feels cheap would be an understatement.

Body panels are also thin and you get a nice 'clang' reverberating through the vehicle when you close the door. Wind and engine noise is more than noticeable at speed. Seats offer no lateral support whatsoever, and I keep thinking my backside is about to fall off it when cornering. Headroom is exceptional for a supermini, with 3 inches to spare with my 6'4" frame. Steering is excessively light offering no feel of the road, though the light steering makes parking a breeze.

But where the diesel powered C3 comes into its own is the economy. With the new model out now, they are also going for peanuts on the second hand market, so if you can ignore its faults, this could be an ideal motor if you're on a budget. Review Date: 1st June, I had the fuel injectors replaced 5 months after buying the car, and they were not covered under the warranty, as they had corroded because of leaking window washers.

Just before Christmas, I broke down just coming off a major motorway; just lost all power and the engine light came on. After Christmas the AA came out and diagnosed a problem with the throttle, they got it going and I have now been waiting 2 days for the dealer to call me back. They keep saying they are too busy and do not return my many phone calls.

Polovni automobili Citroen C3

I just want them to take a look at my car, I have young children and I am too scared to drive it. Review Date: 29th December, The car is very spacious and well designed. I really like the shape, and it is pretty good value for what you get. Performance is not this car's strong point, but the engine does an acceptable job considering it's a 1.

Handling is a bit odd, because there is plenty of grip and good feedback, but the steering is too light and the high body rolls too much in corners. The light blue seats mark easily and offer no lateral support, but they are reasonably comfortable on long journeys.

The rest of the interior seems to have been stuck together with spit. The car is equipped with EBA - emergency brake assist. This slams on the brakes with maximum force if it thinks you are braking in an emergency. In practice it is very annoying, and has almost resulted in being hit from behind on a few occasions. Unfortunately this is fitted as standard to most Citroen vehicles. Overall the car looks very good and performs reasonably well, but it has broken down twice in 24 months and although it is still under warranty, having it fixed for free does not compensate for being stranded at the roadside in the early hours of the morning.

Review Date: 2nd November, Front bumper trim fell off. Driver's door stay failed and had to be replaced.The third generation model made its appearance in Juneand went on sale in January It is produced in a five door hatchback body style, with the first generation also being produced in a two door convertible version, called the C3 Pluriel.

A three door hatchbackwith a similar design as the second generation, [1] marketed as a premium model, [2] is available as the DS3. The first generation of the C3 was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Showas well as the Bologna Motor Showand began marketing in January[4] as a five door hatchback. It was available with 1. The top level was the only version that had the option of a four speed fully automatic transmission. Many components of the C3 are the same as those of the Peugeot Some versions of the C3 feature a start-stop system that can automatically cut the engine when not needed to save fuel, such as in traffic, and restart it briskly to move on again.

It featured a five speed manual transmissionand a 1.

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The C3 was given a redesign in Octoberwith the front end featuring a more imposing bumper, wider lower air intake, single air intake slit below the restyled radiator grille, and a re positioned number plate. The rear of the car was also given redesigned light clusters, with crystal coloured midsections. The passenger compartment was also enhanced, with the fitting of a restyled dashboard with high quality finish, as well as a newer, more modern instrument cluster making the driver information easier to read.

The addition of light metallic grey embellishers around the central section of the fascia and air vents contributed to the updated interior, as did the completely re designed front and rear door panels and trims.

The steering was also improved so that it weights up with speed. The Pluriel also received similar interior alterations but was otherwise unchanged. The Pluriel can be configured as a hatchback with a multi layer insulated top; [9] a full length landaulet, operable partially or to the back window or any stage in between, with a buffet minimizing wind deflector over the windshield; [9] a fixed profile convertible, with the roof open to the back window, the roof assembly folds into a well in the trunk floor; [9] a full convertible where roof side rails are unlatched and removed.

The C3 Pluriel was introduced in Julyand was originally offered with a choice of a 1. The 1. The Pluriel was withdrawn in July In OctoberTop Gear Magazine placed the C3 Pluriel on its list of "The 13 worst cars of the last 20 years", describing the car as "useful as a chocolate teapot.

The second generation of the C3 was revealed in the media in June[12] and made its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September Available in several modifications, as well as in the cabriolet version.

The success of the concept was decided to be repeated in the serial model, although most of the design solutions applied on the concept were lost when adapting to production and for improving safety. It is also the first car of the PSA Group, which has gained an advantage from the installation of HDi diesel engines of small working volume.

citroen c3 2004

A rich equipment for its class and a large selection of accessories allowed C3 to achieve significant commercial success. The C3 was available with petrol engines 1. The car was equipped with electric power steering. Also remarkable was the installation of a panoramic transparent roof as an option. Many components of the C3 are borrowed from the Peugeot A new body design with a panoramic windshield giving a field of view of degrees was presented.

Just like the previous generation, the new C3 uses a sloping roof shape and other design details of its predecessor, and has design features that resonate with other models of the brand, although it is wider and longer than its predecessor.

Headlamps, hood, dashboard and other components are common with the DS3 model. The new C3 uses a mixture of analog dials under the visor and a digital display of the fuel consumption indicator and on-board computer. There is no coolant temperature indicator unlike DS3but there are blue and red signal lights to indicate the cold or overheated condition of the motor. From an engineering point of view, the model received engines from its predecessor, but Citroen announced a new line of small petrol engines that the PSA created in cooperation with BMW.

The engines are economical, have low CO2 emissions and good performance. Go in versions 1. It was launched in November as a model year model. In there was a restyling of the model. Related Posts. If you have any questions, please contact with us. Citroen C3. Contact Contact Us.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.The best and most comfortable suspension on the market, comfy seats and soundproofing create a real cocoon sensation which makes you feel far removed from the strains of travel Has your day been hard? A new way to travel! Welcome to your mobile lounge!

Its strong, raised face and fluid curves, chunky side details and bold graphic elements encapsulate energy and refinement in one fresh, contemporary shape. The double chromed chevrons are flanked by LED daytime-running lights with the circular design headlights below. Colour touches surround the fog lights finishes off the look.

Available in 3 colours — Onyx Black, Sport Red and Opal White, it is supported by black window pillars accentuating the dynamic outline of C3. This design features gives C3 balanced proportions between the body and windows giving it a confident, calm and serene look. You can now configure and reserve your C3 online. Bi-tone or mono-tone? This uncluttered interior mood features light colours for the seats and dashboard, expressing simplicity, wellbeing and brightness.

This interior ambience, with colour features on the seats and dashboard, radiates the sort of energy and vitality typically associated with an urban environment. This trendy interior ambience is a fashion statement, with upholstery featuring an elegant blend of fabric and leather-look. As soon as you get inside, you get a real feeling of well-being thanks to the wide seats, which are both visually and physically comfortable, the panoramic sunroof which floods the passenger compartment in light, and the clever storage compartments.

This environment immerses you and your passengers in a real bubble separate from the outside world. C3 enables you to feel like you are at home when you are at the wheel. The passenger compartment is make up of lots of refined elements and soft shapes. This is also mimicked in the styling of the doors, seats and dashboard. The same welcoming and bright materials provide unrivalled passenger comfort and a high quality visual impact.

Design inspiration comes from diverse sources, beyond the automotive world, with touches such as the luggage style door handles and textiles on the dashboard. At any moment, the occupants can change the intensity of the brightness by using the sunblind. This well-being is reinforced by the horizontal dashboard which gives an impression of space and width of the passenger compartment.

Welcoming and equipped with excellent lumbar support, these seats offer top level comfort thanks to the specifically chosen materials that they're made from.

This hatchback also offers a range of equipment that makes life easier for the driver: 3D connected navigation with voice recognition, reversing camera, Lane Departure Warning System and Blind Spot Monitoring. This new system uses a camera fitted behind the rear-view mirror to film what the driver sees through the car windscreen. This new emergency braking technology minimises the risk of collision. It starts working from just over 3 mph and is designed to sense pedestrians, moving and fixed obstacles.

When you pull away on steep gradients, Hill Start Assist holds the car for 2 seconds, giving you time to pull away safely and smoothly. The blind spot monitoring system indicates the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot using a light in the door mirrors.

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This system, which works on the same principle as the reversing sensors, is a major safety asset, for example on motorways. This system allows you to combat drowsiness or just a momentary lack of attention at the wheel from 37MPH. In this way, you are warned by audible beeps and a visual warning when the line is crossed. The reversing camera displays the view behind on the cars touchscreen when the reverse gear is engaged.

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This view is enhanced with colour guidelines which show the proximity to any obstacle. A real expanded view to make reversing manoeuvres easier! Are you feeling a bit tired? This system tells you when it is time to have a break.